All our staff are volunteers the station cannot and would not exist without all the volunteered time and effort.

We have:
Volunteer Presenters
Volunteer Technical Staff
Volunteer Voice-over People
Volunteer Committee Persons
Volunteers who look after the maintenance and cleaning

Most of our volunteers fill several of these roles and donate significant hours, as well as sharing a passion for music and the local community.  The pay is terrible (well, non-existent!) but the rewards are very satisfying.
Some volunteers travel a significant distance every week to present programmes and help with fundraising and all the aspects of keeping the station on the air and growing.

Please consider being one of the very valued and needed staff here, to be a part of our volunteer team at Huon FM is a very simple process as the station is run by a vibrant team of volunteers you simply need to follow the instructions below.

  • Either call in to our office in School St Geeveston and talk to one of our office volunteers who will give you a membership form.
  • or email us at huonfm@huonfm.com and we will send a membership form.
  • or simply download our membership online form 2023 and volunteer_application form and return to us by your preferred means.