Sponsoring HuonFM

Why Sponsor?

If you have a business, you need to communicate with both existing and potential customers. If those customers are within our broadcast region – the Huon Valley and Kingborough municipalities, including many adjacent areas, or listening via the Internet at huonfm.com – we can help.

Huon & KIngston FM addresses all age groups. We have listeners at home and on the road between home and work. As well as locals, tourists from around the world listen to us for both entertainment and information. People listen to radio while achieving other goals: that can’t be done with print media or television

Consider the fact that unlike television and newspapers, radio can be enjoyed at nearly any time or anywhere. Radio is a medium well suited to delivering your message.

Huon & Kingston FM has 27,549 people (15+) in its broadcast area and is estimated to share in a community radio audience reach of 15,000 in a typical week (52% of the 15+ population) and 19,000 in an average month (67% of the 15+ population), based on the 2010 National Listener Survey results with additional estimates by cbonline.org.au.


Have a look at our very competitive rates, then contact our sponsorship people to get more details and to arrange for a studio recording session that will present the right message for your prospects and customers.