ANDY and his interest in local State and Federal politics has helped to mold his hard hitting interviewing techniques, tackling the hard questions we all want answers to but are afraid to ask Interviewing people from Politicians & Councillors  to Company directors. There is no question too hard for Andy to ask in the quest to keep them honest. Andy has been involved with Huon and Kingston FM since 2015 first with Shack a tail Feather music then Grapevine and now Your point of View, he also a very active committee member.
MICHELLE is one of the newer members to our presenting team with a fun energetic drive. We feel sure you will enjoy her new programme Friday afternoons.
ARCHIE is the youngest member of our team being still a student he is able to bring his style of music to our younger listeners. A great injection of energetic, enthusiastic youth to brighten a Friday evening to life for those listeners.
CAROLYNE is a coalminers daughter growing up near Newcastle in NSW she left school young. She has a Love of country music also seeing quite a lot of country artists perform live.  I love Reba McEntire, Randy Travis, Adam Brand, Sara Storer, Debbie Parry, Owen Blundell and man, many more. They all deserve a place here, but too many to name. Carolyne has been a tireless worker for around 23 years both presenting many different segments over the years and as manager for 10 years, also working in Production making sure the wheels keep turning behind the scenes.
CALEB Online radio has been a huge influence on Caleb’s musical development – from the first popular online apps that allowed him to stream Usher and Jojo on repeat, to becoming completely obsessed with Worldwide FM and NTS Radio in recent years, maybe this internet music thing has meant Caleb is a much more interesting person than he otherwise would have been. He still loves a buttery smooth RnB hit, but spends most of his time keeping up with jazz music across the world.
DAN is part of the popular ‘Saturday Night Party ‘show co-hosted with Rod. He joined the station 3 years ago after moving to the Valley. For many years he had listened to the station and enjoyed our music, so he found it a natural transition with his love of music and desire to be part of a community project, while at the same time doing something for everyone to enjoy.
DAVID  M is a long serving member he has contributed in many areas from his extensive vinyl collection and love for the 30’s music through the CD era to our new online format. David is also very active on committee being responsible for the more academic side of station licencing and Constitutional matters.
DAVID H joined the station around 2011 as a lowly and nervous presenter I via my association with Ian Irvine. After a short while I became Station President probably because no one else wanted the job, Managed to shepherd the Station through a change of name. Over 12 years I have presented a number of different programs with a number of co-presenters, some who have gone on to present their own programs – so I feel like a second hand John Mayall (of Bluesbreakers fame) guiding others on their chosen paths!!
DON has had a long music presenting career on several commercial Radio stations before joining Huon FM some years ago. His experience has been valuable in running the technical side of the station and training others.
FIONA I spent my youth seeking out and attending indie bands in Sydney. I made a point to see every band I could every weekend.  I must admit I’m still in love the indie scene and I’m amazed at the current talent that’s out there. So I’m very excited to research what’s available and play it for our listeners to also enjoy.
HELEN My music career started when the piano moved to an old shed we had started to renovate and the focus of my function center. I then attended an adult ED course on how to be a radio presenter. Later I was offered a space midnight every Tuesday night on Hobart FM. The show I created was called Tassie Experiences concentrating on Tasmanian music, theatre and activities for 17 years. Being a Channel girl I now feel at home on Huon and Kingston FM playing my era of music and interviewing a cross section of our wonderful community.
IAN is David’s long time partner in crime on the programme ‘Up the Creek.’ They play off each others strengths to bring the listeners a fun filled session of great music and mahem, where there is never a dull moment.
IRIS who grew up in Europe has a uniquely different taste in music which she has successfully integrated while also discovering the music we all grew up with in Oz. She is an energetic participant on committee and fundraising events with a fun sunny disposition which shows in her music selections. Her interest in herbs and Homeopathy has been reflected in her new segment on the Grapevine where she discusses various herbs and their benefits both in cooking but also as Herbal Medicines.
JIM joined our station around 11 years ago and hosts a Grapevine segment along with Great Groups. He is also our Gardening expert with a vast knowledge of plants which he shares with the viewers every week, there is never a dull moment in Jim’s garden. Every weeks programme sheds light on a different plant or garden issue which educates and enriches our gardening ability.
LAURIE is our presenter on ‘Listen to Laurie”
MIKE Is another long time member of the station with an extensive technical knowledge as well as introducing many new musicians and singers giving them air time to boost their careers through his Tasmanian Connection programme
NIGEL having grown up on the SE coast of England listening to radio Caroline the Pirate radio ship also sneaking out of school to see Punk bands playing in London in the 70’s. This blended with Jazz playing parents influences the style of music he plays on’ Into the Valley’. Nigel always strives to bring interesting and new music from around the world, covering many musical genres to his listeners in his Friday evening spot with his son Archie, then and a taste of the classical on ‘Going classic’.
ROBBIE He is a long serving member of our team starting with station while at school in Geeveston in the 90’s we have been able to watch him grow both in stature and confidence over the years. Then worked in commercial radio for The Hit Network, The Triple M Network, 7HO, 5MU in SA, 3BA in Ballarat & The Power FM Network. Now works in audio production and still presents part-time for Huon FM.
ROSIE is one of our young presenters bringing her generation of music to our viewers with a programme called ‘Radio Rosie’.
ROD has been involved with the station from its infancy at Geeveston District High School, known then as Radio Geeveston Youth (7RGY). Then after a long break he returned in 2004, presenting a music show focused on songs from musical theatre. Then the Grapevine program & eventually settling in to My Kinda Music on Mondays where his eclectic taste in music is evident. He is also passionate about promoting school students & their achievements, learnings and most importantly their schools..
TED has been an avid collector of music all his life from vinyl through CD’s to todays computer music. Early in his life wanting to be a radio presenter but apprehensive of the technical skills needed back then. Some 3 years ago he noticed an add for presenters wanted for Huon FM jumping in boots and all and with a little training on the new system used now, he found his calling and has gone from strength to strength.
TRACEY is part of our energetic young presenter team working hard to introduce her generation to radio with her programme ‘Easy Street’.
JO grew up in Sydney and started to sing and play in bands from an early age, the most successful  being the Tropical Penguins, an all-original funk, soul and pop music ensemble. She also served time with jazz artist Billie Field as a singer in the Bad Habits Band, as well as various other jazz, soul, blues and funk bands in both Sydney and Melbourne. Jo was introduced to Huon FM via fellow presenter, Iris.  Expect a wide variety of music and topics on Jo’s show, ‘Audio Salad’.