Andy – Your Point of View (Thurs 10-12am)

David H & Ian – Up the Creek (Tue 2-5pm)

Don – Flashback Favourites (Tue 5-7pm)

Fiona – Into The Valley Saturday Sessions (Sat 2-4pm)

Helen – Musical Alphabet, Local Vocal (Wed 12-4pm)

John – Midnight Special (Fri 9-Midnight), Best Albums (Sun 5-8pm)

Jim – Easy Gardening, Grapevine, Great Groups (Mon 9-12)

Mike – Tasmanian Connection (Mon 8-9pm)

Rod – School News (Mon 12-1pm) My Kinda Music (Mon 2-5pm), Saturday Night Party Hits (Sat 6-10pm)

Steve – Music Mayhem and More (Fri 4-7pm)

Tracey – Easy Street (Thur 7-10pm)